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    CEO and founder of Gokart


  • ceo & founder of Gokart

    "one of the 3 factors changing the face of wholesale" - IGD Insights  


    Liberating your teams to work on your business rather than in your business
    Founder and CEO
    Oct 2013 - Present
    GoKart is a mobile retail order capture app and system. It gives free and instant access to supply optimisation for independent retailers and food service businesses, and enables wholesalers to increase loyalty and efficiency via a branded mobile ordering app for their customers.

    Our transformational new technology enables independent retailers, caterers, delis, pubs and restaurants, wholesalers and brands to achieve growth and increase profits.

    It reduces time and money required for existing supply chain processes and increases loyalty, while providing instant customer data to boost branded promotions, and creating a marketplace which opens up profitable new supply and retail channels.
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